A top quality education is a gift for life. Engelska Skolan Norr AB was founded in 1993 to offer its students the very best quality bilingual education. The school has a highly multicultural student body and staff. We are all united by a passionate commitment to shared human values, and achieving excellence. The school works to help every child realize their highest potential both academically and as human beings. It is our gift to them. And, as they carry it forward into their future lives, their gift to us.

The school was the first in Sweden to provide a bilingual programme, which teaches the Swedish curriculum but with half of all lessons conducted in English. Ninth-grade students also have the opportunity to prepare for, and graduate with, the Cambridge exam in English language.

Excellence is also the benchmark for teaching staff, who have to speak both Swedish and English. In Sweden, recruiting qualified teachers with degrees from more than one university is a challenge. However, all teachers at Engelska Skolan Norr have been through higher education and many have attended multiple colleges or universities.